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About Manifest Self Love

My intention for Manifest Self Love is to create an open-minded and open-hearted resource for anyone who feels drawn to it.

With Manifest Self Love I am creating a collection of the life-changing spiritual tools I’ve encountered on my journey so far. I do this with the hope that these tools and practices will resonate with you, and help you take the next step forward on your path.

Get to Know Me

My first profound spiritual experience happened when I was traveling abroad in the Southeast Asian country of Laos.

I was sitting in an ancient Buddhist temple when suddenly my awareness floated up and out of my body! I hovered over myself for just a moment, until a jolt of shock and fear shot me back into my physical form.

This exact thing happened AGAIN when I visited the ancient temple ruins in Angkor Wat, Cambodia just a month later.

These experiences left me confused and questioning my entire worldview, which, at the time, was not very spiritual.

This kicked off the accelerated stage of my spiritual awakening process.

I say the “accelerated stage” because when I look back, my spiritual awakening really began with a dramatic life event that rocked my reality to its core.

My Awakening Catalyst

In 2010 I learned that my mom, my best friend, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer that had already spread to her brain, spine, and lymph nodes. I was 26 years old.

I spent over a year as the primary caretaker for a mother who could no longer walk or care for herself.

This was an incredibly influential time in my life when I began to understand the sacred value of life, AND the truth of death.

Big Changes…

After my mother passed I found that my priorities had dramatically shifted, along with my worldview. I began to connect with my true self, the part of me that believed life should feel peaceful, blissful, beautiful.

The more I connected with my inner truth the less the life around me made sense. I went through a period of dramatic change including a divorce, a move to a new state, and the beginning of a relationship with a true soulmate.

These changes led me to a life of full time travel and a career as a travel blogger (which was why I was sitting in a temple in Southeast Asia)!

What I’m Doing Now…

After my out-of-body experiences in Southeast Asia I began dedicating most of my free time to spiritual practice and exploration.

I meditate daily, I read everything I can get my hands on about consciousness, NDEs (near death experiences), and spirituality.

Nowadays I combine energy work, channeled readings, and intuitive connection to help people discover the next steps on their spiritual path.

My podcast, Coming out of the Spiritual Closet, explains and simplifies a variety of spiritual practices and concepts, and it’s a great place to start if you’re new to spirituality!

Fun Facts About Me

  • My first career was exotic animal training in zoos. I left that career due to ethical concerns and went into dog training instead.
  • I once had the otherworldly experience of being sprayed in the face by a grey whale’s exhale! She was right next to the tiny boat I was in.
  • I have been to Burning Man 10 times, and the first time I went by myself.
  • I lived and traveled in a micro-RV for 2 years with my partner and my dog, Indy (Indy has transitioned out of physical reality, but is still very much present in my life).