Check-In with the Universe

Do you have the nagging feeling that there's something you're meant to know? Are you on the edge of a breakthrough in your life, but there's still a piece missing? Are you wondering where to focus your attention right now? 


Let's check in with the Universe and see what's going on! 


In this personal channeled reading I'll connect with your guides and bring through the messages they most want you to hear at this moment. To learn more keep scrolling!


How will I view my reading?

You will receive a link to your private video by email within 3 days of payment.


Is it possible that scary messages will come through?

No! I protect my energetic space thoroughly before every reading, and I only connect with beings/energies of unconditional love & light.


It is possible that challenging messages may come through, but the Universe/your guides will never send through a message you aren't ready to hear!

What you'll receive...


Within three days of payment you'll receive an email with a link to your pre-recorded 45 minute Check-In with the Universe. This email will also include info on how to get the most from your reading, as well as an After-Reading Self Care Guide. 



How to request a reading...


Simply fill out the information form below, and within 24 hours you'll receive an email letting you know if I still have open slots this week.  


Next I'll send over an invoice requesting payment using any major credit card. Once you complete payment I'll begin working on your reading!

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical or mental health professional. If you feel you need medical or mental health assistance please contact a licensed professional. Additionally, channeled readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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