Spiritual Awakening Signs

Do you suspect you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening is an amazing experience, but it can be confusing and overwhelming at first. Here I share common spiritual awakening signs. 

Spiritual awakening signs

Please keep in mind that the spiritual awakening process is unique to each individual, so your experience may look and feel different than the “common” spiritual awakening symptoms I’m describing.

Additionally, this is not medical or mental health advice. if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health please contact a medical professional. 

Shift in Priorities and/or Belief Systems

spiritual awakening symptoms

Often the spiritual awakening process begins with very subtle changes that you may not even associate with “spirituality”. These subtle changes often occur after a major life-changing event. 

Valuing experiences over possessions

You may find yourself disillusioned with consumer culture. Do you suddenly find yourself valuing experiences over belongings? 

Examples of this include: valuing gourmet meals over designer clothes, valuing travel over a new car, valuing unique social experiences over shopping.

Valuing time over money

You may suddenly care more about your free time than ever before. 

Do you find yourself willing to give up extra responsibilities (and extra pay) at work in order to free up more of your personal time? 

Maybe you’re beginning to notice how much of your time is spent doing things you don’t actually enjoy. 

Valuing authenticity over status

You may suddenly find “small talk” difficult, because you’d rather discuss something you care about deeply.

You begin to find “white lies” difficult. You’d rather just be honest with people. 

You are no longer avoiding the cheesy pop music that you love, because you don’t feel embarrassed by it anymore. 

These are just examples of the many ways your authentic self may begin showing up more and more in your life when you are in a spiritual awakening process.

Questioning Cultural Norms

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These are more of the early, subtle signs of spiritual awakening. Often the newly awakened will begin to question cultural norms that just don’t feel good.

Wanting to get out of the 9 to 5 “rat race”

This goes hand in hand with realizing the value of time over money. Perhaps you are sick and tired of working long hours for someone else to afford a life that you don’t have time to enjoy.

You find yourself disillusioned with the idea that more material possessions equals more success. You are suddenly drawn to more fulfilling work that would allow you more free time and/or would allow you to help people.

A change in your dreaming patterns

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You are dreaming more often, and/or your dreams are much more vivid than usual.

You experience “waking dreams” when waking up in the middle of the night. This is when a dream continues even once you’re awake with your eyes open.

Wanting to feel “enough” instead of the endless search for more

You may find yourself drawn to deep inner work that focuses on improving your relationship with yourself.

You are tired of criticizing and judging yourself.

You are tired of the constant search for “more”, and “better”

Beginning to honor everything- people, animals, the environment

You suddenly have more empathy for people- both strangers, and the people you know.

You find yourself connecting with animals more than ever before.

You may find yourself drawn to a vegetarian diet.

Feeling a Stronger Draw to Nature

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Nature seems to lift your mood, and you find yourself craving time in nature more than ever before. 

You are more sensitive to loud noises and chaos

You may find yourself easily overwhelmed by loud noises, crowds, and chaotic situations. 

It feels important to maintain a sense of inner peace.

Retreating Socially

You are less interested in large social events, and you find that you get exhausted in social situations more quickly than you used to. 

You enjoy quiet, unscheduled time. You appreciate sitting with yourself in silence, even though you used to keep very busy all the time.

Strong emotional swings

You may find yourself experiencing dramatic mood swings- one minute you feel good, and the next you feel deeply sad.

Physical Symptoms

You feel deeply tired 

You find yourself exhausted a lot of the time, even after a full night’s sleep. 

You may also experience sleep disruption and trouble falling asleep.

A “buzzing” feeling all over the body

You experience a tingling sensation in your body, sometimes paired with goosebumps.

Metaphysical Experiences

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Sudden shifts in perception 

You suddenly feel like you’re “high” or “tripping”, even though you have not ingested any mind-altering chemicals.

These perception shifts can include shifts in your visual field (seeing geometric shapes, orbs, lines of light) or shifts in your auditory field (hearing tones, music, etc.)

These perception shifts are accompanied by a deep sense of wellness, love, and that everything is okay. 

Out of body experiences

You suddenly find that your consciousness is hovering over your body.

You momentarily find yourself out of your body and somewhere completely different from the location of your body.

Prophetic dreams

Something you dream occurs in your waking life. 

Visions, sometimes prophetic

You momentarily see something in your mind’s eye that is not actually present in physical reality. 

You have a vision as described above, and then, later, you see the vision in actual physical reality.

Okay, so now you REALLY suspect you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening, what’s next?! This article explains what a spiritual awakening is, and how to make yours easier.

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