Thanks for visiting! I’ve been reading tarot and oracle cards for over 20 years, and I so look forward to connecting with you.

Intuitive Card Reading 1 Hour

In this one hour reading we will connect with your guides and the Universe, and allow messages to come through for you.

I will use a variety of decks including both tarot and oracle cards.

To prepare for your reading I recommend that you create a comfortable space for yourself, and have drinking water available.

Readings take place on Zoom, and you will be sent a link when you make your appointment.

Click here to book your reading!


Do I need to have a specific question in mind for my reading?

No! The Universe always sends through the messages you need to hear, so we can certainly ask specific questions, but you don’t need to have a question in mind.

Could I receive a scary prediction in this reading?

No! I don’t make hard predictions. Instead, I relay the energies that are playing out in your life at the moment. I will relay information like signs to watch out for, situations to be aware of, etc.

You have free will, and you can always change the path you are on. This is why tarot is a powerful tool for growth- if something comes up in your reading that you don’t desire, you have the power to make changes!

Much Love, Brittany

Please note that this is an inspirational service that is in no way intended to substitute for mental or physical healthcare by a medical professional. The goal of this service is to provide inspiration, love, and empowerment to the client. If you need mental health or medical services please consult a licensed professional.

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